Bolivia is a culturally diverse country where traditional lifestyles are still very popular.

The colorful culture creates multitudes of opportunities with an interesting history.

It is the perfect incentive destination for those who are looking for authentic cultural experiences in unforgettable landscapes and Andean cities.

Located between Peru, Brazil, and Chile, Bolivia is a destination that can be easily visited and then combined with another country.

From Uyuni, for example, the Atacama desert is just a short drive away and Cusco, Peru can be reached from La Paz by car, with many interesting stops on the way.

Of course, incentive and business travelers can also make use of the domestic and international flight connections.

Furthermore, the charming and modern cities of Santa Cruz and La Paz have a growing MICE sector offering more options all the time. The magnificent nature and authentic cultures of this beautiful Andean country will surprise any visitor.

1. Bolivia is an astonishing country with volcanic highlands, deep jungles, and a mystical Incan lake. Connect your senses on a trip of nature, flavors, and ancient culture.

2. Connectivity to two other incredible incentive destination countries makes Bolivia a hot spot for a never-ending adventure.

3. The breathtaking Uyuni Salt Flats form the world’s largest salt flat on Earth and are the only place on Earth visible from the moon.

4. Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat and during the rainy season, it turns into the world’s largest natural mirror.

5. Bolivia has an incredible rainforest area, pure and untouched with plenty of wildlife.

6. La Paz is the highest capital city in the world and you can see the whole city by cable car with beautiful views.

7. One of the 10 most dangerous roads in the world is in Bolivia, also known as the Death Road which provides exciting escapes for biking excursions.

8. One of the largest silver reserves in the world is located in Potosi, Bolivia. The richly decorated churches and impressive architecture are what helped declare Potosi as a cultural heritage.

9. One of Bolivia’s best-kept secrets is its top-notch coffee and a new wave of cafés is opening up in La Paz to cater to the growing demand for high-quality, all-Bolivian beans, including Typica, Roaster Boutique, and Bronze, who all roast on the premises.

10. The ziplining circuit in Tiquina involves two of the longest and most extreme ziplines in all of Latin America. It crosses Lake Titicaca for an adrenaline rush that can reach up to 115 km an hour!


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