At Pure! Travel Group, we are a DMC specialized in leisure and incentive tourism. Our highly motivated team shares an impressive amount of knowledge and they are always looking forward to assisting partners with their travel requests, large and small, far and wide!

With decades of experience in South America, it has created a solid basis for facilitating professional and unique travel experiences in each of our six destinations. Our extensive experience and great expertise enable us to offer tailor-made incentive experiences fitting our clients’ wishes exactly. Find out more about why Pure! should be your number one choice!

One of our advantages is that we operate in six countries in South America, enabling us to think big. If you are not sure where to organize an incentive trip, we are happy to assist you in deciding on the perfect destination for your event or incentive travel. Moreover, congresses or other events in one of the modern cities can be easily combined with an incentive trip to another country. We have the knowledge and capacity to create the perfect incentive experience for each type of sector.

We realize that it is important that our destinations are politically and economically stable. Ecuador, for example, has the US Dollar as its official currency; very convenient for international business travelers. Even more important: our destinations are safe destinations for international meetings, incentive travels, successful conferences, and exhibitions.

Our destinations are among the most diverse countries in the world, both in terms of culture and nature. Colombia and Ecuador are top-notch birdwatching destinations, Chile’s and Argentina’s Patagonia region offers unique hiking opportunities, Bolivia is one of the most authentic countries of Latin America, and Peru’s travel opportunities are endless. And of course, our countries have destinations every traveler has on its bucket list, like Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands.

Our Incentive Destinations


Colombia Incentives

Feel the joy and the rhythm of the happiest country in South America that has something for everyone!. For example, Caribbean beaches, snow-capped Andean mountain peaks, rainforests, and national parks. Every visit becomes an unforgettable experience because of the country’s beauty, its incredible range of climates and scenery, and the warmth of its people.

Frequently, Colombia is mentioned as one of the friendliest countries in the world, for example by Internations. The Colombians have a positive and hospitable life attitude and are always happy to welcome foreigners in their country. This service-oriented attitude is also clearly noticeable in the hospitality industry, where waiters, hotel managers, and other professionals organize meetings and other events with a sincere smile and professionalism.

Because of its central location, Colombia has a very good air connectivity with many direct flights from North America, Latin America, and Europe, not only to Bogota but also to other large cities, like Cartagena. Nowadays, incentive travelers can fly directly from Amsterdam to Cartagena and from New York to Bogota, for example. Also the connectivity with more remote destinations, like Asia, is improving constantly.

Colombia has an increasing number of environmental and social projects. With an rapidly growing tourism sector, now is the time to create a sustainable travel industry, which is something we are proud to participate in. Working together with local communities and our sustainable office policy are just few examples of our engagement with the environment, heritage, and local cultures.

Ecuador Incentives

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries of South America, but also one of its most diverse destinations. This beautiful country hides four different worlds: the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Pacific Coast, and the Galapagos Islands. Four worlds for unforgettable travel experiences!

Over the last years, Ecuador’s government has developed its infrastructure significantly, with the result that the main routes in the country are provided with highways of good quality. Also domestic flights between the mayor cities depart multiple times a day. Although the country’s larger cities are modern and fully equipped for international events, the many unexplored areas offer once-in-a-lifetime incentive experiences.

Both in terms of biodiversity and traditional cultures, is Ecuador a very diverse country. Thanks to it’s small size and good infrastructure, incentive travelers can gain an impressive variety of experiences in a short amount of time. Technically, it is possible to have breakfast in the Amazon Rainforest, enjoy lunch in Quito, and have dinner at the coast. Of course this would be a bit hasty, but it is no problem for your clients to hike a volcano, go bird watching in the jungle, and snorkel in front of a uninhabited island, all in one week.

As mentioned, top-notch events in the city can be easily combined with an authentic experience in the Andean countryside. For example, at only one or two hours driving from Quito and Guayaquil, small communities are living their traditional way of life and are happy to share this lifestyle with visitors. Even in the cities itself, historical experiences can be created at a short driving distance from the modern venue.

Peru Incentives

Peru is frequently mentioned as an upcoming MICE destination that is rapidly gaining popularity. Pure! definitely understands why, since this diverse country offers endless possibilities for incentive travel experiences allowing your clients to interact with local cultures and enjoy truly unique places. Furthermore, the ultimate combination of an amazing cuisine, modern facilities, and a unique history makes Peru a one of a kind destination.

Peru’s cuisine is famous all around the world. Already centuries ago, the country’s traditional ingredients, like potatoes, started to fuse with Spanish, Asian, and other cuisines from around the world. With delicious and unique dishes as a result. Since food has a very important role in the Peruvian culture, the gastronomical sector is very well developed and unforgettable dining experiences for every type of incentive traveler or group can be easily organized.

For years, Peru has been one of Latin America’s most popular travel destinations. As a consequence, the Andean country is very well connected. From many cities in the United States, Europe, and Latin America direct flights departure to Peru’s capital Lima. Moreover, domestic flights connect all the important destination for competitive prices.

Peru is not only a popular country among leisure travelers; the diverse country is also increasingly mentioned among the world’s top incentive destinations. This is not surprising, since Peru offers a wide variety of activities and destinations making sure that just about any type of interest can be met. Famous highlights like Machu Picchu and Nazca can be perfectly combined in one incentive trip with off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Bolivia Incentives

Bolivia is the perfect incentive destination for travelers looking for authentic cultural experiences in unforgettable landscapes. Spending the night in a traditional community or in a beautiful hotel made out of salt; just two of the many unique experiences your clients can live in Bolivia. Furthermore, the charming and modern city of Santa Cruz has a growing MICE sector offering more options every day.

Bolivia is a culturally diverse country where many people live more traditional lifestyles. The country’s colorful cultures create incentive opportunities that can be experienced no place else. Its rich culture comes from a very interesting history, which incentive travelers can learn about while traveling through the country. Unique, authentic experiences guaranteed!

Almost everybody has seen pictures of the breathtaking Uyuni Salt Flats forming the world’s largest salt flat on Earth and the only place on Earth visible from the moon. However, Bolivia has many more beautiful places to offer incentive travelers. Its rainforest, for example, is a beautiful untouched area with plenty of wildlife. Los Llanos are the plains located east from the Andes Mountains, creating amazing rafting and other opportunities for adventure travel.

Located in between Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, and Chile, Bolivia is a destination that can be easily combined with another country. From Uyuni, for example, Atacama is just a short drive away and also Cusco can be reached from La Paz by car, with some interesting stops on the way. Of course, incentive and business travelers can also make use of the domestic and international flight connections.


Chile Incentives

In between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes the long, narrow country of Chile can be found. Worldwide, this beautiful country is known for its wines and spectacular landscapes. However, Chile offers many more hidden treasures in a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. This, combined with its high connectivity with direct flights from all over the world, makes this destination ready to host an unforgettable incentive trip.

With the development of efficient road infrastructure, specialized hotels, and fully equipped event centers, Chile is well prepared for MICE travel. Despite the stretched shape of the country, Chile has good flight connectivity between both major cities and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Combined with the enthusiasm from well-trained and service-oriented locals, the connectivity enables efficient time management and high-quality service.

The fact that Chile is an amazing adventure destination has been proven right once again. The country has been rewarded with the South America’s Leading Adventure Destination award for the fourth time in a row at the World Travel Awards in 2018. Mountain climbing, kayaking, paragliding, skiing and surfing, are just a few examples of what this country can offer incentive travelers.

The largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) and the recent creation of five new National Parks after the 11 million acre donation to the Chilean government establishes that there is a vast number of unrivalled beauty to be found in Chile. Not only does the country have over 6000 kilometers of coastline, the newly added environmentally protected area on land provides unfamiliar forests, active volcanoes, and undiscovered wilderness.


Argentina Incentives

Argentina is a land of strikingly different possibilities when it involves travel. The allure of the country stands out within each of its regions, especially Patagonia, the Mendoza wine valleys, the Andes Mountain Range to the North, and the culturally vibrant city of Buenos Aires. Argentina has everything, nature, adventure, culture, food, wildlife, and so much more than you can imagine!

Whether it is Northwestern Argentina where the broad landscapes range from snow-capped peaks down to central Argentina with high plateaus and deserts, valleys, and gorges, or to the south where lakes, forests, and glaciers combine to create the mountainous terrains of Patagonia; the contrasting beauty will never cease to dazzle. Even more, Argentina is home to many World Heritage Sites found in National Parks, including the thundering Iguazu Falls.

In the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, the culture seems to overflow. Those who are searching for rich culture and tradition will have come to the right place. “Old” Buenos Aires offers a labyrinth of streets to explore, with hole-in-the-wall locales and hidden secrets in the alleyways. The capital city boasts impressive museums, street art, architecture, and even live performances of the dramatic tango

In the Cuyo region of Argentina, Mendoza has long been named the wine-producing mecca in this mountainous region of the country. Having won awards worldwide for the wine produced here, there are many vineyards and countryside haciendas to visit. Along the so-called Road of the Wine, you can taste for yourself the internationally recognized elixirs during your travels. It also provides an opportunity to see firsthand the wine-making processes, learn how to pair your wines perfectly, and discover the origins and traditions of the wine country.


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